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Nikolay Pavlov took charge of the All-Ukrainian Coaches Association

Association of trainers of football has chosen a new leader (in Russian) 7 декабря 2016… View more

V.Grozniy: invite in April of Kiev “Dynamo” tournament in Daraselia

Interview with the head coach of Tbilisi “Dinamo”, a Board member of the Association Vyacheslav… View more

The All-Ukrainian Football Coaches Association helps football clubs to choose the coach

One of the tasks of our Association is to provide help and employment assistance to… View more

A. Volobuev: Kovalenko could break psychologically

Anatoly Volobuev on trainers-legionaries, Fonseca and Sergey Lavrinenko (Russian)

V.Groznyi: the dominance of coaches with a dubious reputation, we don’t need

Vyacheslav Grozny about his attitude to foreign coaches in Ukraine (Russian)

Personnel changes in the national team of Ukraine

Andriy Shevchenko – the head coach of the national team of Ukraine, Myron Markevych, the… View more

The All-Ukrainian Football Coaches Association participated in National Teams Committee session

Anatoliy Buznik took part in the FFU National Teams Committee session (Russian)

Anatoliy Buznik: “Football coaches also need support and understanding”.

General Secretary of the “All-Ukrainian Football Coaches Association”, Anatoly Buznik told about goals and tasks… View more

Yuriy Kalitvintsev: “We have created the family of Ukrainian coaches”

On Thursday, 19th of May in the House of Football on the first extraordinary Congress… View more

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